** Top 10 private universities in Thailand **

 No. 1 : Assumption University
Private universities are the best in the year 2557 went to “great university Assumption Assumption ” , also known affectionately as ” Assumption (ABAC)” and was using the letters in Thailand as ” Moss Beach . ” University . Assumption University of Thailand’s first problem is that the international course . The number of professors in Thailand
Also, Assumption University, also known as a beautiful campus. One of the most spectacular in the country. Not just a pretty space, but the curriculum is interesting as well. Because of all the branches will focus on teaching English. Called the students who graduated from the University ABAC is the name of the foundations of the English language anyway. By global standards, the Assumption University next ranked 18th best university in the year 2557



No. 2 : Bangkok University

“Bangkok University”, a prestigious private university and one of the oldest in the country. Under the support of “Bangkok University Foundation” has opened since 2505 and currently teaches at a private university developed the forefront of success. From curriculum development And the modern technology used in teaching. Have conducted in two campuses: Campus. Rangsit Campus since the course – Donna , International Program and Bilingual Program



No. 3 : Rangsit University

One in three of the country’s leading private universities. Do not miss the University at the forefront. “RSU” that have been evaluated by the Office of Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA.) Is a private university, the only one that has been placed in a “very good” in the Institute focused on producing. graduate And also ranked as the 30th best university in Thailand,  The 2557 annual ranking of webometrics with RSU . Founded in 2528, the University offers 138 courses ranging from undergraduate majors – PhD. And also a top university . The renowned singer, actor famous,  A graduate of this university



No. 4 : The University of Thai Chamber of Commerce

Institutions leading business in Asia. Everyone was undeniable for the standards that have been accepted to the University of comparable government ever. It is a private university that has been hit . Students who graduated from the University Chamber has relatively high rates of employment, The University has a long established history since 2483 using the name “College of the trade” to be moved within the Department of University Affairs. And a university in the new name. “The University of the Thai Chamber Commerce”  The initials mg, Or UTCC This year the university. Stuck in the top 31 best universities in the country, Current offers courses ranging from undergraduate – PhD,  As well as other international programs



No. 5 : Mahanakorn University of Technology

“Mahanakorn University of Technology” (MUT) , originally established under the name . ” Mahanakorn College ”  in 2533 because the country is the shortage of engineers . Conducted by a faculty is the Faculty of Engineering . Later received permission to change the type to campus on March 30, 2535 under the name ” University of Technology ” For the higher education institutions that have been transferred to the University fastest in history with only four years of operation University of Technology Teaching. Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Science and Information Technology. And business administration However, it remains a reputation for producing quality graduates in engineering customers. To date, This year, the University of Technology was ranked the 33rd best university in the country. The annual rankings webometrics 2557



No. 6 : Siam University

“Siam University ”  It is one of Thailand’s first five private universities. Was initiated in 2508 was called “Siam Technical College” later in 2529 changed its status, “Technical University of Siam” later cut off, leaving only technical word, ” Siam University ” today. It opened its first branch instruction. Only mechanic diploma only, Currently teaches a variety of courses and disciplines, both Thailand and international programs . A total of 50 courses ranging from undergraduate . Until Ph.D. The Board of Pharmacy Siam University ‘s Faculty of Pharmacy of the University’s first privately- six -year degree courses in English as “Doctor of Pharmacy”



No. 7 : Payap University

As the first private University of the North. Which was founded in 2517, located in the district of the city. The birth of Christ, Evangelical Protestant , Presbyterian see first published in the United States . First name “College Christian West” in 2514 , switching to . “College West” And officially opened in 2517 by all eight disciplines are taught in English Language Thailand Payap history, philosophy, theology, sociology – anthropology. Personnel management And Diploma of Nursing and Health Later, he allowed the university to change the type of a college campus. And changed its name to “Northwestern University” in the year 2527 and onwards from the ranks webometrics in 2557, this campus. Installation was ranked 44th best university in the country



No. 8 : Kasem Bundit University

This year’s installation was ranked 47th best university in the webometrics that is currently developing numerous courses and disciplines which will establish a Vocational . Has begun to open a school at the elementary level . And secondary school first, then gradually evolved into a professional level . And High School Evolves into a “Kasem Bundit College” Opened two branches of Administration. And the Faculty of Law since 2536, has changed . ” Vocational ” 10 undergraduate programs in the Faculty of English courses including 4 courses , 12 Master’s degree courses and postgraduate courses currently Vocational 2 consists of two campuses together,  Campus and Campus Development



No. 9 : Sripatum University

The famous private university campus has expanded to many  and a well- known university . The survey results and rankings of the best universities in the Webometrics university was ranked 48th start , was founded in 2513 and has been changed to university status in 2530 with all four campuses together. High School High School Phayathai Wittayakhan And Bachelor By teaching the course, Until Ph.D. As well as a wide selection of courses , with each course



No. 10 : Huachiew Chalermprakiet University

The university is rooted in the power of faith . And disaster relief to the masses of ” Chew Hua Foundation Por Tek Tung Shanghai “, which is China’s largest charities in the country. Originally derived from the School of Midwifery Health. And to set a “College Huachiew ”

The nursing courses At the undergraduate level as a first course . Before you get the status . ” To conclude ,” conclude the current curriculum has expanded to many . Both undergraduate and graduate international courses to choose studies conclude this by the end of 2557 was ranked 50th best university in the country


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