Thailand ranked 10th best university in the country!

” Academies ” That does not matter. But I would not go over. “The study was intended ” to convey what the Philistines . That seems to indicate the “success” of learning in schools as well as universities …

Presenting the “University” of the government to study in the country. Without any sort of good, but to focus on the academic excellence of each university. A striking difference to the children if the people do not study does not need to apologize to me. Universities, other governments Or private university known for academics. There are no less

1. “Chulalongkorn University” Higher education institutions of the country. Currently offered in 19 of the “Arts – account” is very well-known. And a symbol of the university is “the flirt” at the University proud. Since the name of the university Will be received by His Majesty King Rama VI. A Royal Monument of King Chulalongkorn. Who gave birth to this university The university is the mimosa tree.



2. “Thammasat University” as a University in Thailand. Founded in name “University of Moral and Political” On 27 June 2477, with the aim to study the market. For the Study of Law and Politics. For the general public later in 2495, the government changed to its present name. Since the university was ranked second last and with historical ties to the country’s political development. And the possibility of a state.



3. “Mahidol University” education from the School of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital. Titled “School แptia arm”, which was established in 2432 during the reign of King Rama V. Later on February 7, 2486 has been established. University of Medicine On 21 February 2512, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Graciously bestowed the name “University” as the name of the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation Tong Thi La Bed arrow. Vikram Adulyadej Praboromrajchanok used instead of Medicine “Mahidol University”



4. “Kasetsart University ” Thailand’s first public university . Offering courses in agriculture . Founded as a number of third countries are determined to be founded for the benefit of agriculture and the national economy. It was later extended to cover the entire field of science, applied science, business administration, social sciences, humanities and arts.



5. “Silpakorn university ,” University of the Arts of Thailand. Reputation of the arts , architecture and archeology university. Born of a delicate art school Department of Fine Arts During the reign of King Rama VII, No. 7 was developed as a School of Arts . On October 12, 2486 Phya Anuman-Rajadhon with art professor Bhirasre curriculum development and has been raised up. “Silpakorn University ” for the Advanced Institute of the Arts

Current teaching covers all disciplines the Science Humanities, Social Sciences , Engineering, Health Sciences And Agricultural Sciences By the standards of international university completely.



6. “Srinakharinwirot University ” was developed by the University . High School Teacher Which was established in 2492 and subsequently developed . College of Education was established in 2497 and 2517 by the University as a ” university prosperous Sri elegant old city”



7. all schools in the province as well. ” CMU” the first university in the country in the region . To expand higher education to the provinces. Chiang Mai University was established by the Government since 2493 Chiang Mai University has been ranked as the top three universities in the field of teaching . And is ranked fifth in the field of research, The Commission on Higher Education by the year 2549



8. “Mae Fah Luang University” located in Chiang Rai. Founded on 25 September 2541 after claims of an offense that requires a local university. And to commemorate HRH the Princess Royal Mother minister. Use Royal Smayya “Mae Fah Luang” was named University. The Bureau currently consists of 12 university teaching one undergraduate diploma 33 branches in 26 Masters Degree

Times newspaper Has been rated the world’s leading universities of the country by the year 2548 has been voted the most beautiful campus in the country. And most of Asia



9. “Burapha University ” University of the East. Some are located along the coast . Chonburi Province Founded on July 8, 2498 by the former campus of the College of Education, the name university today is Srinakharinwirot university or college education Some campuses



10. “Khon Kaen university ”  Oldest university of the Northeast . And is one of the leading universities of the country. And was chosen as one of nine research universities, the National Ministry of Education in the year 2552 for this reason make university , The rate of admission to the most competitive in the region.



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